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LKQ Transport LLC is the Middletown area’s go-to source for professional, on-time and reliable freight transportation. One reason our customers are always satisfied is that we don’t just offer one form of freight transportation. We offer Drop and Hook Trucking, Dry Van Trucking, LTL (Less Than Truckload) Trucking, and more! We believe that providing a variety of options is the only way to ensure consistent customer satisfaction.

Dry Van Trucking in Middletown

Is a large move in your future? Or are you an industry professional who is looking for the best method for shipping your products across the country? Before you ship your freight, you should first determine the shipping option that best meets the needs of your freight. There are many options at your disposal in the Middletown area, ranging from flatbed trucks to ‘reefer’ (refrigerated) trucks. Each of these methods has differences that you should familiarize yourself with.

Chances are you’re going to need one of our trucks that is equipped for dry van shipping. What is a dry van? A dry van is one of the most sought-after transportation methods for freight on the market. The trailer is completely enclosed, which protects precious cargo from bad weather, and decreases the chances for cargo theft. One major characteristic of the dry van trailer is that unlike refrigerated trucks, there is no temperature control.

Are you worried that your shipment is too small? LKQ Transport LLC’s got you covered. Ask us about our LTL (Less Than Truckload) options for dry van shipping. LTL shipping can save you lots of money by having your load consolidated with other outgoing shipments.

LKQ Transport LLC’s Common Dry Van Shipments

The dry van trailer’s versatility means that they’re not just used for long-distance shipping jobs. They’re also available for short-distance moves within the Middletown area. Some of the common dry van shipments include:

  • -Non-perishable food items and beverages
  • -Cars, bicycles, motorcycles, and airplane parts
  • -Household items
  • -Small machinery and construction equipment
  • -Health and beauty products

Dry van shipping is absolutely perfect for most shipments. However, there is no temperature control in a dry van. This means that any items sensitive to fluctuating temperatures should not be shipped in a dry van. And since the floors of dry vans are hardwood, they are very sensitive to moisture.

If you are unsure whether your shipment requires a dry van or a temperature-controlled trailer, give the team at Middletown’s LKQ Transport LLC a call today. We will help you determine what method suits your needs.

Flatbed Shipping Versus Dry Van Shipping

If you know you don’t need a refrigerated trailer for your shipment, you still need to consider whether your shipment is better suited for a flatbed or for a dry van. But choose wisely, because flatbeds do not have the dry van’s enclosure. So if you don’t think your freight could handle bad weather conditions, ask us about the dry van trailer.

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